Three inspiring leaders



A frequent question about The Call to Lead Model is whether it was created with any particular leader in mind, and the answer is no. It was designed as a generic model that could potentially be inspiring to leaders within any venue, and any endeavor, from the playing field, to the military, to the shop foreman. Although literally hundreds of leaders helped to form the framework, none specifically were used as the structure upon which to create the model.

However, after using the model to teach leadership for a number of years, and continuing to study many famous leaders, it became apparent there were at least three famous leaders who clearly operated from the tenants put forth in The Call to Lead Model. Those leaders are Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, and Ronald Reagan. The fact each of these three were political leaders is pure coincidence. The Model is about using leadership to accomplish your vision, and is separate from whether one is or is not in favor of any of these three leaders political policies.

The model begins in the center with Common Sense, Logical Analysis, and Concern for People. None of the three leaders was necessarily the most intelligent man of his time, but all three were extremely strong in applying common sense and logic. This coupled with their true care and concern for the people they led gave them a strong foundation from which to lead.

The center of the Model is based on a foundation of Competence and Character, surrounded by Inspire, Influence, and Relationships. These leaders clearly understood that although they had immense powers as the presidents of countries, that power alone was not enough. True leadership is accomplished by inspiring and influencing, and building relationships.

There are eight moons on the Model: Trust, Candor, Respect, Fairness, Humility, Empathy, Sincerity, and Integrity. Throughout their lives and careers these three men displayed these characteristics time and again. Perhaps one of their most unique traits, considering their position of power, was their humility, which is often overlooked in its importance to leadership. There are numerous stories that exist to document the way in which each of these men remained humble, despite all the perks of power.

We can’t all expect to be Lincoln, Mandela, or Reagan, but we can use them to see the embodiment of The Call to Lead Model; human examples of leadership at the highest levels, during the most difficult of personal and professional challenges.

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