The Book

"The Call to Lead: 
How Ordinary People Become Extraordinary Leaders" By Dr. Andrew Harvey

  • The new paradigm of leadership
  • How to transform your current skills into leadership strength
  • Numerous worksheets and checklists

The Call to Lead is a new approach to developing your leadership potential. Today’s manager must be a multi-faceted leader to be effective. The new leader must be a time and project manager, a human resources expert, a planner, a visionary, and a well-balanced human being! Though the challenge seems daunting, there are simple steps you can take to achieve your personal leadership best.
The Call to Lead outlines the elements involved in great leadership. The reader is shown how to emulate techniques and styles of great leaders. You’re guided along a path of self-evaluation to recognize your own strengths and weaknesses and determine how and where to implement improvement. You’re provided with solid foundational leadership knowledge and easy-to-apply tools for immediate application.
The book features a variety of worksheets and checklists to aid in the learning and implementation process. There is an organization evaluation that you can use to gain valuable feedback.

Whether you are in private or public sector, with a small company or a huge corporation, this book provides the insight and tools to help you master the art of leadership.

What People Are Saying About The Call to Lead...

  • “Attention all managers – you must read this book to fully understand your role in the workplace. Dr Harvey has captured the essence of leadership and laid out the tools for easy use.” 
Jim Garcia, Manager, Los Angeles Times

  • “From the Chairman’s office to the playing field, one can see how these practical tips are used to enhance leadership qualities… readable for everyone.”
 Cigi Oakley, Executive, IBM
”If all leaders subscribe to the tenets in [The Call to Lead], failure becomes obsolete.”
 Albert Marino, Ed.D., Vice President Diversified Securities Inc.

Foreword to The Call to Lead

Countless books have been written to try to explain the art and science of leadership. The Call to Lead is different. It is straightforward, commonsense, easy to read and immediately useful. For new leaders or those aspiring to lead, the book provides a strong foundation for most all aspects of leadership. For experienced managers, it provides a great checklist for “how I’m doing.” It will help you to inventory your current skills and create a list of what you need to work on. That’s important to organizations or to managers at all levels. Understanding how to manage may be adequate when an organization is in a steady state; leadership skills are vital when facing change. And who isn’t facing change?

Even though I have been involved in teaching leadership for 30 years at universities, through a leadership-consulting firm I founded, and in books I’ve written, I found The Call to Lead valuable and enjoyable.

The author weaves in interesting quotes, extensive real life experience, anecdotes from authorities in the field, and humorous stories to illustrate his commonsense approach to leadership. I also found the format of bite-sized chapters, each covering one aspect of leadership easy to digest. Topics included teamwork, communications, decision-making, and change. Each chapter contains suggestions on objective things to do and each displays sensitivity to people.

I have always believed that becoming a leader is a journey, not a destination. The Call to Lead provides another step in that journey by covering the foundational essence of good leadership and by helping to prepare a leader to face most any leadership situation that may arise.

Larry Senn

Dr. Larry Senn is Chairman of Senn-Delaney Leadership, an international leadership-consulting firm. He is the author of 21st Century Leadership, Leaders on Leading, and Secrets of a Winning Culture.

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