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All training presentations are unique and were developed by Andrew Harvey Seminars. Training includes Power Point presentations, course workbooks, film clips, and interactive discussion, all presented in a friendly and fun atmosphere conducive to learning.

Each training course is customized to the degree specified by the client. Classes can have as much or as little custom content as desired. Attendees will come away with practical skill and knowledge that can be immediately put to use within the organization.

Examples of training seminars include:

The Call to Lead Seminar
This course is designed to help current and aspiring leaders to fulfill their ultimate potential in the realm of leadership. The course is based upon The Call to Lead book, and covers the keys to good leadership through a variety of engaging and entertaining instructional methods.

Career Development and Promotional Preparation
This course is geared primarily toward public sector and law enforcement professionals. The course teaches attendees how to develop their career to the fullest, including through formal promotion if they so desire. Most people want to develop their careers in one direction or another, and this course provides people with the tools and resources to be successful. This in turn has multiple beneficial effects on the organization in total.

For more information about these seminars or other ways in which we can help your organization, please contact us.

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